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Understanding the Publishing Industry

An inside peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Understanding the Publishing Industry

Mar 31, 2015

Kelly Wright

Graphic Designer

As my time left as a member of the Booklogix team draws to an end, I can’t help but reflect back on all that I have learned over the last several months. Albeit small, my time here has exponentially increased my understanding of the publishing industry and exposed me to a broader range of ideas then I could have imagined. So I offer to all of you authors an inside peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Step One: You are interested in becoming an author and wrote something. (I think at this point in the game, you have already passed this step.)

Step Two: You have done your research and chosen a publishing company (Obviously your choice should be Booklogix!).

Step Three: You submit your manuscript and are given a project manager. Your manager will be your person of contact throughout the entire publishing process.

Step Four: After meeting with said manager, and depending on your choice of publishing packages, your manuscript will then begin its internal processing. It is during this process that many authors are uncertain as to what exactly is taking place…allow me to continue.

Step Five: If your book is receiving publishing services then it will first go to the editorial department for review and correction. Following editorial, your book will then go to design and will have the cover (if needed) and interior layout of the book composed and applied to the entire manuscript. ***Please be advised that these two steps are the most time consuming*** Editors can only read so fast and designers are only as good as their software. Please be patient during this process and know that everything is being completed as quickly as possible.

Step Six: Following the design process, your book will then go into Internal Loose Proof Review. This is a process in which a loose-leaf copy of your completed book is given to all department heads to ensure quality. Should any mistakes be made during editing or design, at this point they will be corrected.

Step Seven: Once the book has passed inspection by all department heads, an actual physical copy of the book, a bound proof, will be produced for you to examine.

Step Eight: After submitting all the corrections that you see fit, the book will then go to the art director. The art director is the final stepping stone before publishing. After going through the final copy of the book and ensuring that every "t" is crossed and every "i" dotted, she will then approve it for production

Step Nine: Your book is in production. ***Again, please be advised that printing is also a tedious task and can take varying amounts of time. Be as patient as possible and know that your book is being printed as quickly as possible.***

Step Ten: Once your book is completed, bask in the glory of being a published author!

So, if you are looking to publish a book, just try to remember that the publishing process needs just as much time and patience as the writing process. Best of luck to you all!


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